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Attractions and TOP Things to do in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Europe. The Bulgarian impact on the world, which many did not know about until recently, has attracted a large number of tourists in Bulgaria.

Our country has given so much to Europe, and not only from today, but for thousands of years. From the creation of the Cyrillic alphabet (alphabet, that is used by more than 300 million people) to the beautiful works of art, architectural monuments with world significance and incredible nature.

Which are the best attraction and things to do in Bulgaria?

Besides the kind of big and noisy cities such as Sofia, where old and new buildings combine seamlessly, you can also enjoy the less populated coastal areas where you can lay down and relax on the sandy beaches and swim in the beautiful Black Sea.

In addition, when exploring Bulgaria, you can also visit a number of architectural reserves and historical monuments of culture.

1. Visit one of the most famous SPA destinations in Bulgaria

With over 700 mineral springs, Bulgaria is one of the leading SPA destinations in Europe. The Thracians first discovered the healing properties of the hot waters= and that is why they built their cities near them. For a small country like Bulgaria, this huge number of hot springs is a wealth that has no price.

Only in South Bulgaria there are around 500 and in North, more than 200. In Bulgaria there are lot of SPA resorts, whose water has different features, different temperature and chemical composition and because of that there are different types of SPA and wellness. You can visit some of the famous Bulgarian SPA resorts such as Velingrad, Hissar or Devin.

2. Explore Bulgarian culture and traditions

The Bulgarian culture has the incredible ability to integrate people and to make them feel closer to one another. For centuries, many ethnic communities have lived together in the Bulgarian lands and this has taught us to accept the differences, whether they are religious or cultural.

Bulgaria is a country with rich culture, folklore, rituals and traditional skills and all of that is a result of its geographical position and the different cultures that lived here throughout the different centuries. This varied culture determines the uniqueness of our intangible heritage.

3. Enjoy one of the 9 Bulgarian sites in UNESCO

A total of 9 Bulgarian sites are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. 7 of them are cultural, 2 are natural. The non-material objects include the Choir of the Bistritsa Babi, the Surva Festival in Pernik and Nestinarstvo, which means dancing on fire.

4. Give yourself an unforgettable adventurous experience

Bulgaria takes third place in the global adventure tourism industry. If sport takes an important part of your everyday life, if you are looking for new adventures and friends, than this type of tourism is a great way to discover yourself and try something new and different.

And besides that, it is also a unique and unusual idea for your holiday. No matter what type of sport you are into: horse riding, winter sports, bungee jumping or rafting, in Bulgaria you can find something to please almost any of your interests.

5. Enjoy a romantic holiday in a small Bulgarian town

Imagine that it is the end of the XIX century and you are walking around Bulgaria. Imagine the smells of grape vines, fresh snow or gentle spring rain…

Bulgaria has managed to preserve many small traditional places as they were in the very beginning. The beautiful architecture of old houses, dusty cobblestoned streets and the scent of Bulgarian rose can be found in a number of small villages and towns in Bulgaria. Veliko  Tarnovo, Shiroka Laka or Nesebar, a town situated on the sea coast, are wonderful choice for an unforgettable romantic vacation in Bulgaria.

6. Visit any of the Bulgarian Black Sea resorts

Every year the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is visited by over 6 million people. The reason for this is the incredible beaches and the dozens of beautiful resorts. Our sea coast has a little something for everyone.

For those who love nightlife, they can visit Sunny Beach. On the other hand, you can visit Nesebar, which is an attractive place for tourists who love traditional Bulgarian architecture. The beautiful beaches of Silistar are for those who want a calm and peaceful place.

Come, get to know our country and we are sure that you will return to Bulgaria!

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