Albena is one of the most beautiful sea resorts on the Bulgarian seaside . Albena is the place where the sea meets the sand .

Albena resort in Bulgaria: reviews and information

The resort is a delight to people of all ages. With the sand lines, and the crystal sea, Albena offers a pleasure to every taste. Albena is situated only 30 km away from Bulgaria’s sea capital Varna. The resort is remarkable for its 6-km long beach. It has over 14 900 beds in 43 hotels (2 to 5 stars), situated at the very beach or at the picturesque hills with exciting views of the sea and the “Balata” National Reserve. Hotels are equipped with all modern facilities: cable TV, telephone lines, restaurants, bars, Internet cafes, medical services, rent-a-car, congress halls, swimming pools, sports services, etc.

Albena is located 30 km from the town of Varna and 12 km from Balchik resort in the northeastern Bulgaria. Albena is situated at a picturesque and ecologically clean gulf on the Black Sea coast, famous for its flower gardens. Albena is a Blue Flag winning resort.

It is remarkable for its 5-km long and 150 m wide beach with fine and clean sand and crystal clear, calm and warm sea water. The tourist season in Albena lasts from May till October. Albena offers mineral water springs with temperature 30°C and several SPA centre

Mineral water in Albena

The mineral water in Albena resoer has the temperature of 30°C. It features slightly mineralization and it is hydro carbonated. The water contains calcium, magnesium, sulphurous oxide compounds: 2.2 mg/ I, free hydrogen sulphide with pH 7.39, discharge of 2580I/ min. The curative mud features mineralization 65.8 g/kg, magnesium – 3.6 g/kg, sodium – 18.0 g/ kg, calcium – 1.1 g/kg. The water contains hydrogen sulphide – 0.6 g/kg, biologically active substances, trace elements – copper, iodine, strontium, manganese, molybdenum.


The hotels of Albena are situated in a park zone, either right on the beach or on the nearby hills, featuring panoramic sea views. There are approximately 43 hotels, 5 holiday villages and 1 campsite.

Bars and restaurants

Albena offers many restaurants, cafes, taverns, fast food, bars and clubs. Different types of cuisine is served – Bulgarian, Indian, Chinese, Italian, etc.