About us

This project aims to develop and promote Bulgaria as an attractive and modern destination. It started as a purely informational site aiming to provide up-to-date and detailed information about the various types of tourism in Bulgaria.

Publishing articles has also become an additional way of communicating with curious site visitors. They aim to cover a wide range of interests and obscure topics related to the destination Bulgaria


To date, we are developing partnerships with various tourist products and services that would not only be of interest to tourists to experience or see but also share our vision for the development of tourism in Bulgaria.


Most of the businesses and services in Bulgaria have the potential to improve and expand the way they communicate with tourists.

We encourage them to work with us on creating more meaningful content and we help them get a wider range of potential visitors.


The world has been moving towards a more meaningful and reasonable way of travel. The guidelines indicated by the World Tourism Organization are a rule that every destination must apply.

We should not be an exception and we are working hard on this.


By attracting tourists to our towns and villages, it is important for us that they contribute positively to the environment, economy and culture.

It is an indispensable part of the destination’s development and long-term success.


Аt the very core of the tourist experience is their connection with the locals. Improving the attitude of staff towards visitors is of great importance to its success.

Our goal is to cooperate with exactly this type of places that know how to treat the visitor.

Future GOALS

Also, up to this point we have only described the initial step of the project’s mission. In the long term, our goal is to help and develop the sector through workshops, courses and certification of those who wish and aim to improve their service or product.

To these goals, we also add several aspects of the future of tourism such as better marketing strategies and campaigns, the development of a data collection system with which we can analyze how it develops and much more.