Considering a visit to Sofia in the winter? Afraid of the cold? These 13 magical wintery photos will make you buy that plane ticket right now.

Sofia breathtaking vistas and spectacular cityscapes look wonderful in all seasons, of course, but there’s something about winter that adds an extra touch of magic.   Pictures : Sketches of Sofia


Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital and its largest city.

Sofia has been settled for many millennia

 In honor of its hot springs, in the 8th century BCE the Thracian tribes settled here gave the city its first name – Serdika or Serdonpolis

Sofia preserves many valuable monuments to its long and storied past.

Green in the summer and the spring, white in the winter, and all sorts of red, brown and yellow in the autumn

 Sofia is a city of many colours

It always offers something new, refreshing and unexpected to its visitors and keeps them entertained throughout the whole year

All this makes Sofia a must-visit destination

And also the perfect place to start your tours around Bulgaria from

And remember: no matter how you feel or what the weather is like, you will always find something fun to do there