Valentine’s Day is not the only time of the year when we should celebrate your love and relationship. Keeping the flame alive require frequent romantic escapes from time to time. In that case Bulgaria is one of the most undiscovered romantic spots in Europe and a great affordable alternative to other popular but crowded destinations. Here are 10 perfect places in for a romantic holiday in Bulgaria that will convince you to book your flight right away.


With its naturally romantic atmosphere of the old town and cobbled streets Sozopol is on the top of the list when it comes to love and feelings. A dinner in some of the coastal restaurants near the old fortress wall guarantees your pleasant and romantic stay in the city. Тhe unique fairytale-like atmosphere is enhanced by the lovely narrow cobbled streets and venerable old houses.


Nessebar is another ‘pearl’ on the Black Sea coast where you can have your best romantic holiday. The Old Town is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site with many cute little restaurants offering romantic dinner for you and your loved one.


Getting away from the sea to discover this Balkan gem Tryavna can be the best decision for a romantic getaway in Bulgaria. Tryavna is a small picturesque town in central Bulgaria. Famous for its lovely paved streets and revival houses the atmosphere in the town absolutely deserves your attention.



Melnik is another picturesque town in southern Bulgaria famous for its wine, architecture and the sand pyramids. This place is absolutely perfect for a romantic holiday because of the great combination of warm climate, amazing views and lovely atmosphere.


Okay, it’s not a define destination but love and wine go hand in hand so it’s a great idea to spend your romantic holiday in one of the wineries in Bulgaria. It is a nice alternative to the famous but rather expensive chalets in France or Italy.

Veliko Turnovo

Tsarevets fort in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria.

Veliko Turnovo is a majestic city with long history and artistic culture. Being once a capital of Bulgaria the city is filled with romantic atmosphere no matter if you are walking on the Samovodska Charshia, around Tsarevets or dining in one of the restaurants overlooking the whole city.


Despite the fact that it is the second largest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv undoubtedly earns a place on the list of the most romantic places in the country. The combination of modern, ancient and bohemian atmosphere can make any weekend a special one. The sunset from Nebet Hill in the Old town is a must see romantic view.

Shiroka Laka village

Rhodopean village Shiroka Laka

The children are out in the snow to skate with sleighs. The winter smells of fresh snow and smoke from the burning fireplaces. December days in the  are always very emotional.


Another great way to spend your romantic holiday in Bulgaria is to combine it with great SPA procedures. There is no better place for that than Velingrad – the SPA capital of Bulgaria. The beautiful nature in the town and the deposits of mineral waters make it an ideal place for SPA and wellness retreat.

Gela Village

Panorama Guest House –

Gela village is located at the foot of the most magnificent mountain peaks in the Rhodopi mountain – Goliam Perelik, Orpheus peak and peak Turlata, as the village is 18 kilometers away from Pamporovo and 30 kilometers away from Smolian town. It is situated in the heart of the mountain and the population of this small village is 98 inhabitants. This village has century-old history and has preserved beautiful legends.