An insider’s guide to the top hotels in the Bulgaria, including the best for a walk in the nature, family-friendly coves, mountain views, sunsets and spas, in locations including Veliko Tarnovo,Leshte, Jeravna and Zlatograd .

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10. Hotel Gurko, Veliko Tarnovo

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Hotel and Tavern Complex Gurko is situated on Gurko Street in the old part of the town, where you can see lots of traditional Bulgarian buildings from the XVIII and XIX century. The amphitheatrical position of all houses around creates a fascinating picture in the same heart of Veliko Tarnovo. As an important part of this landscape, Hotel Gurko provides romance and comfort by the banks of the river, overlooking the Sveta Gora Hill and Four-Horseman monument.

 As one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo is steeped in five thousand years of history. This small, picturesque city is home to one of Europe’s grandest medieval monuments, the Tsaravets Fortress. If you have never been to Bulgaria before, this is certainly one of the country’s must-see.

9. Clay house, Leshten

The clay house in the village Leshten. It is made entirely out of clay. There are no sharp square shapes, the whole house is soft and oval. Even thought it looks simple and primitive the clay house actually offers a luxury accommodation.

This is one small house, with unique architecture and building style, made of clay. When you see it for the first time, it reminds to “the house of the Flintstones family”. Indeed, inside the house is furnished with all facilities, which you need to have one of the best moments in your life.

Leshten is located in the western Rhodope mountain, 8 kilometers from Garmen and about 15 kilometers from Gotse Delchev. Another two popular destinations for country tourism lie near – the architectural reservation of Kovachevitsa and Dolen. The panoramic view of Pirin mountain from Leshten is beautiful.

8. Rachev Hotel Residence

Rachev Hotel Residence is located in the western part of the village of Arbanasi, right next to The Assumption Monastery, 4 km away from Veliko Turnovo on the road to Gorna Oryahovitsa. If you travel on the main road Sofia – Varna turn off the road in the village of Sheremetya in direction of Arbanasi.
Arbanasi is a village in Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, Veliko Tarnovo Province of central northern Bulgaria, set on a high plateau between the larger towns of Veliko Tarnovo (four kilometres away) and Gorna Oryahovitsa. It is known for the rich history and large number of historical monuments, such as 17th- and 18th-century churches and examples of Bulgarian National Revival architecture, which have turned it into a popular tourist destination.

7. Yovina House – Jeravna

The perfect place to escape from the big-city stress and reload a lot of energy and strength. The beauty of nature and traditional Bulgarian culture will turn the time spent with us in an unforgettable experience. The meeting with the spirit of Jeravna will diversify and enrich your free time. Delicious traditional dishes in an atmosphere of regenerating silence, interfered only by the whisper of legends and stories, help you forget the quickened pace of everyday life.

6. Lavanda ,Kovachevica

Lavanda is a classic Bed & Breakfast hidden in the serene Rhodope mountains of Southern Bulgaria. It is a place where time stops and the spirit rejuvenates through the simple joys of the crisp air, the peaceful pace of village life, the hearty local food and the warmth of smiling people and homey surroundings.

Situated in the architecturally significant village of Kovatchevitsa, Lavanda is a perfect escape only a couple of hours from major cities yet millennia away from the fast pace of urban life.

5. Strannopriemnicata, Bozhentsi


Set in the Historical-Architectural Reserve Bozhentsi –  a pretty village in the area of Gabrovo, is one of the most beautiful architectural reserves in Bulgaria. It is located 15 kilometers east of Gabrovo and impresses with its well-preserved houses and public buildings from the time of the Bulgarian Revival.

According to an ancient legend, the village was founded by a noblewoman from Tarnovo, called Bozhana, who settled in the town after her husband died during the conquering of the capital Turnovo by the Ottoman Turks. Thence came the name of the village.


4. Villa Rupcovoto, Smolyan

Here, near the town of Smolyan, in a paradise, surrounded by beautiful pine forests, picturesque meadows and enchanting song of birds and crickets, You will discover Your enchanting place for relaxation and unforgettable experiences.

Villa “Rupcovoto” is situated in the area of ​​3km. from Smolyan and 15km. of Pamporovo at 1030 meters. altitude. It is very suitable for family holidays and vacations in every season.

3. Hotel Bukor Shtepi, Mandritsa 

Eco complex “Bukor Shtepi” is located in Rodopi village of Mandritsa. This is one of the little still kept authentic pieces in Bulgaria, where there are no human steps almost, where the time has been stopped, where the nature has kept its beauty in its original look, where the ground and sky merge themselves in one blue-green line at the endless horizon.

We opened our complex especially for you, to show you the beauty of Bulgarian nature, the charm of the resident people and authentic Albanian language that they speak, the historical sights of the region and many more things, which you will understand only if you visit this part of Bulgaria and if you come once you will leave a part of your heart here and will turn back again and again…

2. Alexandrov’s guest houses & SPA center, Zlatograd 

“Alexandrov Houses” are the newest place for accommodation in the unique Ethnographic Areal Complex. The architectural ensemble “Alexandrov Houses” consists of two houses whose façades are built after the best samples of the Zlatograd architecture from the National Revival period. The inner disposition of the rooms and furnishing is conformed with the functional requirements of the contemporary tourism.

Zlatograd has always been “the gateway to the wide world”. People here say this is where Bulgaria begins, and with good reason. A gentle breeze from the Aegean Sea reaches this small town on the country’s border with Greece. Through the ages Zlatograd has brought different cultures together and they have all left their imprint on local customs and lifestyle. Nowadays this beautiful part of the Rhodope Mountain enthralls travelers with its white houses with round chimneys and its Revival style atmosphere.

1. Spa Complex Panorama,  village of Gela 


We chose this hotel because it has the most beautiful views.

Panorama Hotel is quietly nestled in the foothills of Orpheus mountain peak, form where a magnificent view to Snezhanka peak (Pamporovo) is opened out.

Panorama is hotel, built up in the remote past in 1927. In 2014 we completely renovated it however we preserved the traditional for this region of Bulgaria outlook.


The small Rhodope village of Gela has over 3300-year history. In the ancient times it was inhabited by the riches members of Thracian tribe Bessi – a proof of which is the ancient Thracian fortress located at 3.5 km south west to the village.

Every year the traditional fest attracts thousands of tourists, coming to enjoy the bagpipe players’ performances and the views of our spectacular Rhodopes mountains.

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