Trirad travel guide

Trirad is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is situated in Devin municipality in Smolyan region.
The village is located in the Western part of the Rhodope mountain, nearby the Bulgarian-Greek border. Te village is just 26 km away from Devin and 40 km away from Smolyan. Trigrad is located at 1240 m above the sea level.
The houses have perched on the rocky hills surrounded by impressive rock massifs. The Trigradska river passes through the village.


Natural resources: The surrounding area of the village offers numerous archeology findings – cave homes and Thracian necropolis.
The natural resources and rich culture of the region is a great prerequisite for development of tourism. A great number of tourists visit the village all year round, as Trigrad offers a unique combination of virgin nature, preserved traditions and rich cultural inheritance and traditional Rhodopian hospitality.
There are numerous family hotels and private lodgings in the village.


Among the attractions in the village is a horseback riding base. Rock climbing and delta-planer flights are also available in the region.
Three of the most interesting tourism attractions in Bulgaria are located in close vicinity to the village – these are “Yagodinska” cave, “The Devil’s throat” cave and the Trigrad Gorge.
The Trigrad carst region is one of the biggest carst regions in Bulgaria. There are over 150 caves in the region. Seven of them have been inhabited by prehistoric people.


The Trigrad gorge is located around 1.5 km away from the village. It is a deep gorge along the float of the Trigradska river. At some places the vertical marble rocks can reach 290 m over the dry river bed.
The limy rocks of the gorge are among the richest sites of endemic, rare and relict flora species in Bulgaria. Numerous rare birds nest in the region.

Trirad travel guide
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