Kazanlak town in the valley of Roses and Thracian kings

The moment you step in Kazanlak you will inevitably feel the beauty and magic of the Bulgarian Rose.

Kazanlak is the center of the Valley of the Roses, the home of the Thracian kings, and an attractive tourist destination.

The country’s largest and best preserved Thracian tombs are found here, and they are included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with the Museum of Roses.

There are two nature reserves and five protected areas in the vicinity of Kazanlak, preserving natural wonders and age-old forests.

Kazanlak is extremely attractive town and somehow naturally invites the visitor to stay another day and enjoy the numerous local attractions.

Things to do in Kazanlak

  1. The Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak

The Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak was included in the UNESCO List in 1983. It is located in a small park in the town of Kazanlak. The original tomb was sealed in order to preserve its unique murals, but an exact copy of the tomb was built near it, which is now available for tourist visits. The tomb was built in the 4th – 3rd century BC. It belonged to an unknown Thracian ruler.

The worldwide fame of the monument is due to the remarkable murals in the hall and the dome room – one of the best preserved ancient works of art from the early Hellenistic age. The original tomb can also be visited, but only for a few minutes and under certain conditions. The access to the copy of the Kazanlak Tomb is year-round.

2. Rose Museum

The only museum in the world, dedicated to the oil-yielding plant – rose, is situated in the town of Kazanlak. The Rose Museum is housed in the old building of the Rose Institute. The rose is one of the symbols of Bulgaria.

Eventually, its popularity led to the Rose Museum becoming its own mini-museum, exploring every facet of Bulgaria’s rose production industry. It is the only museum of its kind in the world, and digs into almost every aspect of rose oil and rose water production.

3. Koprinka Dam

Koprinka Dam is located very close to Kazanlak in the Valley of the Roses. The dam is built on the Tundzha river and is a great place for both fishing and water sports!

Koprinka Dam is another one of these hidden gems that we find in Bulgaria all the time! You see this incredible view from the road and go to investigate and then you find a beach (manmade of course) in the middle of the rose valley!

4. The Tomb of Tsar Sevt

The Tomb of the Thracian Tsar Sevt III is situated in the Golyamata Kosmatka mound, at a distance of 1 km south from the town of Shipka north from the town of Kazanlak. It was found in 2004.

The Tomb was built in the second half of 5th century BC. The following items were found inside it – the golden crown of the ruler, a golden kilix (a wine glass), knee-pads and a helmet, applications for horse tackle, etc., which are presented in the historical museum of the town of Kazanlak.

Visit the Rose Festival in Kazanluk 2019

Imagine a spring field, saturated with the scent of roses and lavender. See how in early summer the sun caresses gently the earth and how it returns the gesture with the smiles of the sunflowers.

Enjoy the huge dark green crowns of the walnut trees, feel the breath of the oak forests on the Balkan mountain, inhale the aroma of the fragrant herbs. You are in the Rose Valley where the beautiful Rose Festival has been celebrated for over 100 years early in June.

From 2012 on it will grow into an Arts and Traditions Festival during which not only this fragrant flower, a symbol of Bulgaria, but all the gifts of nature in the valley will be honored, too.

The multi genre festival will last for over a month (from May 19th till June 24th) and will include music-, theater-, open air performances and concerts, dance performances, a carnival, flash mob, workshops, exhibitions, seminars, festive ceremonies, wine tastings and competitions.

The Rosa damascena Mill. plant was brought to Bulgaria in the early 17th century. It was planted in a special geographical region, the valley between the Balkan Mountain and Sredna Gora Mountain in the Central Bulgaria, later known as the Valley of the Roses.

How to Get to the Festival?

It is a unique region, where nature and the climatic conditions are most suitable for cultivation of roses and a wide range of essential oil yielding plants.