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The Teteven Historical Musuem

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The Teteven Historical Musuem
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The Teteven Historical Musuem was founded in 1911.

The museum exhibits are arranged in three sections – Archeology, Ethnography, and The Bulgarian Awakening. The Archeology Section offers displays such finds as late Paleolithic and Neolithic implements. Various vessels and sacrifical stones provide information about the practices of the region’s Thracian inhabitants. Visitors may also view a collection of Medieval weapons, vessels, and coins.
The exhibits in The Ethnology Section provide information about the clothing, daily life, and handicrafts of the residents of Tetevan and surrounding areas. On display are the authentic dress of women and men from Teteven and the villages of Babintsi, Malka Zhelyazna, and Ribaritsa. There is also an interesting collection of embroidery and decorative clasps.
Objects, documents, and a large collection of 19th-century photographs present the participation of the Teteven residents who fought to free the country from Ottoman rule.
Informative materials, souvenirs, and other items are on sale at the museum.



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