18 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places You Won’t Believe Are In Bulgaria

18 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places You Won’t Believe Are In Bulgaria
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Surely this is just an image from Game of Thrones?  Nope! It’Baba Vida Fortress

You’d be forgiven for thinking this fancy looking hotel was in the Mediterranean, but nope, it’s Vacha dam

 Oh and here’s Seven Rila lakes, is also in Bulgaria

But maybe you like the sea

 If breathtaking nature isn’t your cup of tea, there’s bustling metropolitan areas like Vitosha street

 Or maybe small, picturesque towns like Veliko Tarnovo are more your vibe

There are so many places like Bolata bay  that were just made to feature on a postcard

Walt Disney could never dream up a place as majestic as Castle Of Ravadinovo

Tsarevets at night looks almost other-worldly.

Meanwhile the Rhodope mountain looks like heaven itself.

 You must have been living under a rock if you don’t already know about the magnificence of Pirin

Vasilashki lakes in Pirin Mountain

Take a moment to really drink it in



Ever wanted to visit the coast of Greece? Well that’s not necessary when places like Sinemorets  Bay exist.


Imagine living in a place like this

If you’re a fan of piers then you’ll love this picture of Burgas

Picture: Vidin Stoyanov

Want a bridge with an awesome name? Well here’s The Devil’s Bridge

Is there anywhere on Earth as beautiful as Bulgaria ?


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